Minkey Business

"Over the cage floor the horizons come."

Those sour grapes of summer

I’ve just had a snack of one of the most quintessentially Indian signs of a fast approaching summer: green mango dipped in salt. “Snack” is a strange term to use, because one doesn’t eat green mango to alleviate hunger. The raw fruit is excruciatingly sour—especially the first bite that seems to make your mouth turn […]

Fear of gaining heights

There comes a time in every cyclists’ life when he loses his fear of climbing. A time when hills stop becoming objects of dread, and are looked forward to as challenges. Once this happens, hills and mountains start to hold a very special place in a cyclist’s life. Climbs are collected like stamps, elevation profiles […]

The curiosity shop

It seems a great idea from a distance. To take on the renovation and furnishing of your house as a project—doing parts of it when you can, using it for a while so you know exactly what you need, and buying nicer things since you can stagger the purchases. Closer home though, and you start […]

Cracks in the plaster

The man I’ll call Mr Ills is the contractor we hired to make changes and repairs to our apartment. During his work we’ve had to put up with tantrums, sulking, pleading for money, empty promises, rash promises, delays and outright lies. We’ve had to endure damage to property, bad design and shoddy finishing, and yet […]

Gunter gets to the other side

Imagine a Labrador dressed in Rottweiler clothing and you have Gunter. He’s jet black, with tan highlights and two prominent eye spots that wriggle and twitch as he looks around. But he’s also all waggly in the rear, food focussed and generally way too friendly to anybody who’ll pay him attention. But some Rottie personality […]

Rollercoaster country

It’s the relentlessness that gets you down. It’s partly the country, but partly the fact that your days are now full of people. Either way, life in India has a full-tilt, “when can I get off?” quality that’s exhilarating most times, exhausting at others, and downright infuriating at those special moments when you dream of […]