Minkey Business

"Over the cage floor the horizons come."

The view from the repair stand

When you identify as a cyclist, and the owner of your local bike shop calls and asks if you’ll come in when you’re free and work on bicycles, you don’t say no. As a cyclist it’s a matter of pride that I don’t go to a shop for repairs, upgrades, or maintenance. A bike shop […]

A Gang Member on a Bicycle

C runs a small bicycle shop in my new hometown of Azusa, in Southern California. He’s close to the Gold Line Metro station and while things are slow right now, he’s gambling (as we all are) on the area getting more upmarket and busy in the next few years. I always try to shop at […]

Technology that’s too good for it’s own good

You’ve heard a Class D amplifier, even if you haven’t heard of one. That’s the audio amplifier on your phone, in your TV, in that home-theatre box, and anywhere else you need a lightweight, efficient way to boost a music signal. Class D amplifiers operate on a principle called pulse width modulation. They’re highly efficient, […]