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Bangalore Airport awarded long-awaited ‘Armpit’ status

[Ed’s note: this was written when Bangalore Airport was at its HAL location.] Officials of the Silicon City of India’s international airport have worked many years for this. They have tried everything: from spraying newly arrived passengers with DDT, to employing 400 autodrivers to simulate their gang rape as they exit the terminal, but so […]

Can I have some fries with my schieserschnitzel?

Bliddy Bangaloreans have had many hobbies over the years. For example (and to pull one out at random) there was the ‘weirdly canted Maruti 800 with fire extinguisher playing Roxette at 120dB down Brigade Road’ phase in the late 1980s and early 90s. Or the ‘ornate waistcoat with baggy Wearhouse trousers, dangling peace sign and […]

Four Facebook Games for the Bored

Steve Says Say “Get a Mac” to anybody who posts a problem about anything. “My PC keeps crashing.” Get a Mac. “Traffic was really bad today.” Get a Mac. “My cake didn’t rise!” Get a Mac. “Ouch, my haemorrhoids are acting up.” Get a Mac. 43 Questions Say “Huh?” to even the most obvious posts […]