Four Facebook Games for the Bored

by MinkeyChief

Steve Says
Say “Get a Mac” to anybody who posts a problem about anything. “My PC keeps crashing.” Get a Mac. “Traffic was really bad today.” Get a Mac. “My cake didn’t rise!” Get a Mac. “Ouch, my haemorrhoids are acting up.” Get a Mac.

43 Questions
Say “Huh?” to even the most obvious posts and links. “I just baked cookies!” Huh? “Am down with the flu.” Huh? “Our holiday photos!” Huh?

Snark Tag
Tag yourself in the background of holiday pictures of friends who’ve visited your part of the world, but haven’t looked you up. (If you find yourself playing this a lot, it’s time to re-evaluate… everything.)

Post and Seek
Make status updates from the obscure depths of your hobbies. “End of side distortion, ouch!” “30min TT at LT, ouch!” “Man’s scissor with left turn, ouch!” “Tight spider gag… ouch! Mmmm.”