Off the Cuff

‘Off the Cuff’ is personal essay column on the op-ed page of Gulf News. Gautam Raja contributes on the first and fourth Tuesday of every month, and has done so since 2005. Previous years in pages above. (Archives will updated non-chronologically.)

Cutting off your face in spite of news, Oct 15
Social networking suicide

Ninety two and walking, Oct 1
Positivity, independence and my grandfather

A very strange harp, Sep 17
How wheelbuilding is like writing

Death by soy sauce, Sep 3
Some chefs have no spine

Pushing back at the pushy ones, Aug 20
Some people just don’t know how to get what they want

This sure isn’t Boston, Aug 6
Not letting in the latecomers; enemies at the gates

Throwing away your dog, Jul 23
How easily people abandon their pets

When life is in the balance, Jul 9
Getting out of work long enough to do well at something

The wrong way, Jun 11
Getting revenge on the traffic violaters

The mouse in the oven, Jun 4
It’s always the little things

The cast of the office, May 14
Why I don’t miss working with people

The western sunrise, Apr 30
Overdevelopment in the village

Fuels for our fires, Apr 16
India’s strange LPG system

Fading glory: the black art of stage lighting, Apr 2
Spoiling theatre for fresh-faced students

Weapons of upset, Mar 19
Using emotions to bludgeon your way to a “win”

Howling to conclusions, Mar 5
On judging parents of kids and dogs

Those sour grapes of summer, Feb 19
Green mangoes, limes, tamarind and the perfect hot afternoon

Fear of gaining heights, Feb 5
Does a cyclist ever lose his dread of the hills?

The curiosity shop, Jan 22
The benefit of taking your time to furnish

Cracks in the plaster, Jan 8
Our lying building contractor Mr Ills

Author’s Selection
The mammoth sugar reflex, Apr 8
Why we choose death by chocolate

Behind non-resident eyes, Jul 6, 2009
As an NRI, I’m more positive about India than ever

When deafness is a crime, Dec 1, 2009
There are too few good listeners in this world

Dedicated non-follower of fashion, Sep 7, 2010
Grown men in neon jerseys, skintight shorts and plastic shoes

Everybody’s an expert now, Feb 12, 2008
How hard is it to Google “wine serving temperature”?

Running out of excuses, May 18, 2010
All Elle can do is just keep running

Wall-to-wall happiness, Jul 14, 2009
Our line of inscrutable canine giants

Reinventing inventing the wheel, Mar 14, 2010
Baking bread and building bicycle wheels