Blemishes and all, Dec 29
The spiky graph of happiness

The song remains different, Dec 15
The expected surprises of The Beatles

When deafness is a crime, Dec 1
There are too few good listeners in this world

The small viral victories, Nov 17
Beating a cold. To death

Fast-food concerts, Nov 3
U2 at the Rose Bowl. What an assault

Rain rain go away, Oct 20
Mixed feelings as water falls from the sky

The smoke gets in your eyes, Oct 6
Watching those 18-year-olds light up

It’s not about you, Sep 22
Are you a character in your friend’s novel?

Moving pictures, Sep 8
The Bike Film Festival in LA

Self-deprecating branding, Aug 25
The video library named ‘Bad Prints’

Great food, humble food, Aug 11
Accepting dishes for what they are

Making copy commitments, Jul 28
What does your spelling say about your politics?

Wall-to-wall happiness, Jul 14
Our line of inscrutable canine giants

Behind non-resident eyes, Jul 6
As an NRI, I’m more positive about India than ever

Only the lonely, Jun 16
The curse of the shy extrovert

Staying in good repair, Jun 2
Find that mechanic and keep him close

Make more or make do?, May 19
You really need that avocado scoop

The mastery of language, May 5
The language of the masters

Don’t pass the dip, Apr 7
Hummus, that peep into the soul of a chef

Playing with risk, Mar 23
What risk taker has the higher moral highground?

Fast and loose change, Mar 10
Now why doesn’t a post office sell envelopes?

Returning and returning home, Feb 24
What will you miss from this home when you’re at that home?

Critical mass or mess?, Feb 10
Cycle activism in Bangalore

The LA surprise, Jan 27
Finding our way around this urban behemoth

The preaching choir, Jan 13
When is it okay to be slapped?