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Eating while guilty

I was in the mood for some ice cream, and was pleased to spot a gelataria. But I got suspicious when I saw a sign outside boasting its “low fat” flavours. I went in and was mildly outraged to learn that everything in the store was low fat. Ice cream is celebration food. It’s for […]

Storm in a coffee cup

Because the distractions, or should I say attractions, of home prove just too tempting, I’m writing this at a coffee shop an appropriate distance away from our house. The voluntary commute does me good; to the coffee shop to set me in a working mood, and away from it enough of a task that I’m […]

Are you going to finish that?

“Don’t waste your food,” says the parent sternly. “There are children starving in [favourite impoverished area of choice.]” And so the child develops a healthy guilt about wasting food, but learns that the solution, or rather antidote, to waste is to Dyson everything up on his or her plate. (Hey, it’s time we updated “Hoover”.) […]

Balance is overrated

We were sitting on a balcony in Cox Town, Bangalore, chatting quietly over a cup of morning tea. The party last night had been fun—so much fun that I had stayed the night rather than drive home after. As we talked, I heard the familiar call of a street vendor, and I peeped over to […]

Make a fuel of yourself

Last time I wrote about “vintage sodas” and how I’d barely drunk any soft drinks in the last five years, a conscious break. I’d realised my consumption of carbonated drinks was simply a habit I’d carried over from childhood. It was reinforced during my college days of eating at cheap restaurants where we could trust […]

The pursuit of fizziness

In the last two weeks, I have drunk more carbonated soft drinks than I have in the last five, probably even ten, years. However it’s likely you won’t have heard of a single brand—I certainly hadn’t. Virgil’s, Dad’s, AJ Stephans, Boylan’s, Hank’s, Sprecher… anything familiar yet? “Vintage sodas”, especially root beers and cream sodas are […]

On the origin of dishes

In our years here in Southern California, the biggest culinary immersion for us has been, not American or Mexican or even California cuisine, but Chinese, specifically from the Sichuan province. We eat so frequently from the two Sichuan restaurants we know, that the waitresses all but roll their eyes when they see us back again, […]

Can I have some fries with my schieserschnitzel?

Bliddy Bangaloreans have had many hobbies over the years. For example (and to pull one out at random) there was the ‘weirdly canted Maruti 800 with fire extinguisher playing Roxette at 120dB down Brigade Road’ phase in the late 1980s and early 90s. Or the ‘ornate waistcoat with baggy Wearhouse trousers, dangling peace sign and […]

Curried pig and I: Part Three

Continued from Part Two. Pandhi curry in, pandhi curry out. —Wisdom you don’t want to acquire the hard way Never eat pandhi curry before travel, or important meetings, or anything that’ll keep you more than ten seconds from a sturdy, well-ventilated loo. A group of friends and colleagues learned this the hard way on a […]

Those savage salad eaters

Have you heard about the Paleo diet? I know, another diet right—something faddy with a kernel of scientific truth taken to absurd levels that’ll just crash and burn in a few years? Probably not this one though, considering its basis in sound science and focus on long-term health, not weight loss. So what’s the idea? […]