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"Over the cage floor the horizons come."

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Seeing in black and white

Every time I visit India from the U.S., I meet a friend who asks me the same question: “Why are you wasting your time in that capitalist country? Come back.” Without fail, in those very words. Back in America, whenever we visit a national park, I remember this person and her question. I silently answer […]

Morning has broken

Because of a combination of my wife’s current work schedule, my new group cycling schedule and some well-placed jet-lag, ours is now an extreme morning household. One of us (not me) gets up at 4am to dress, eat a biscuit and go for a run in the early morning dark. The other one gets up […]

Balance is overrated

We were sitting on a balcony in Cox Town, Bangalore, chatting quietly over a cup of morning tea. The party last night had been fun—so much fun that I had stayed the night rather than drive home after. As we talked, I heard the familiar call of a street vendor, and I peeped over to […]

The best and worst of both worlds

So we went to California and became hermits. Given that people travel to India to “find themselves”, I suppose if there’s anywhere Indians can go to contemplate their umbilici, it would be the Golden State. Where exactly in California would be up for debate, but no doubt the San Franciscans will assume it should be […]

To all the gifts I’ve ever loved

There’s no product more exciting than the one in the mail. In spite of the number of times I’ve written about moving away from the material life, I have to admit a huge attraction in America goes by the term “Free Super Saver Shipping”. To be able to go to a website and line up […]

When your ‘second life’ comes first

It’s here. Technology that makes us look like complete lunatics in our living rooms. Sure, exercise DVDs might be in the region, but for sheer random madness you need to watch people play games on controller-free gaming systems. In the heat of it though, these games are so much fun and so immersive that you […]

Taking a name in vain

When S. got married, he wanted his wife and he to share the same family name. But she didn’t want to change her surname, and so the husband took the wife’s name. It’s a brave move, and one I have a lot of respect for. It’s something I’d considered briefly, but didn’t go through with […]

Talking to strangers

The Middle East and the United States are two regions people think they know well even before going there. My wife was saying the other day how nice it was that we’ve lived in both, and been able to see for ourselves that these places are far more nuanced than popular perception allows them. But […]

Splitting it all up

Men’s Health magazine recently carried an article titled ‘15 Catchphrases You Should Quit Saying’. Number five is “How Much Do I Owe?”. To quote from Steve Calechman’s piece: “Long division is for the classroom, not the restaurant. Pick up the check once in a while and you won’t feel guilty when your friends do it. […]

First light, last light

As is often the case on Indian highways, it had been a rough night. A couple of friends, fed by that wellspring of youthful energy, had decided to hit the road after a party, continuing a trip that had taken them many miles from home. After several hours of dealing with stray animals, drunken cyclists […]