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"Over the cage floor the horizons come."

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Curried pig and I: Part Three

Continued from Part Two. Pandhi curry in, pandhi curry out. —Wisdom you don’t want to acquire the hard way Never eat pandhi curry before travel, or important meetings, or anything that’ll keep you more than ten seconds from a sturdy, well-ventilated loo. A group of friends and colleagues learned this the hard way on a […]

Curried pig and I: Part Two

Continued from Part One. This little piggy went to market. —Trad. Many Indian dishes, made the long way, involve toasting whole spices until fragrant and then grinding them. For pandhi curry though, you take those whole spices and torture them until they’re all black and nearly burned. Then you make a wet mixture of the […]

Paying the price of consumption

Sometimes, when driving into Los Angeles airport, there’s a policeman screening the cars, stopping the occasional one to ask questions. Every so often, one of these drivers either gets the answers wrong, or maybe sweats too much, and is waved over to the side. There, two large, flak-jacketed policemen and a German shepherd on a […]